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Flow Sensor Principles and Applications Introduction

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Flow Sensor Principles and Applications Introduction

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    Development of flow measurement can be traced back to ancient hydraulic engineering and urban water supply systems.古罗马凯撒 age of drinking water has been measured using orifice residents. The flow of the Nile around 1000 BC in ancient Egypt weir measurement method. Our water's famous treasure bottle Dujiangyan Irrigation Project application size, and so the amount of water observed. Torricelli 17th century theoretical basis differential pressure flow meter, which is flow measurement milestone. Since then, the prototype of many types of instrumentation for flow measurement 18th and 19th centuries began to form, such as a weir, tracer method, Pitot tube, Venturi tube, the volume, turbine and target type flowmeter. Since the 20th century, the process industry, energy metering, the rapid growth of urban public utilities demand for flow measurement instruments that prompted the rapid development of the rapid development of microelectronics and computer technology has greatly promoted the meter replacement, the new meter sprung out . So far, there are hundreds of alleged meter into the market, field use is expected to get a lot of difficult problems to solve.

    Our work carried out in modern flow measurement technology relatively late, early desired flow meters are imported from abroad. Flow measurement is the study of the material quantitative science, quality exchange law is the basic law of development of things link, so the measurement object has been limited to the pipeline liquid in the traditional sense, If students grasp the amount of places flow measurement problems. Flow and pressure, temperature tied for the three test parameters. For a given fluid, just know these three parameters can be calculated having energy, energy conversion measurement must detect this three parameters. Energy conversion of all production processes and scientific experiments on the basis of, and therefore the flow and pressure, temperature instrumentation as the most widely used.

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